Charter Spectrum High Speed Internet
Starting at 60 Mbps in download speed!

Charter Spectrum Internet™ provides all the bandwidth you need! Download music, upload photos, stream video and more, without sacrificing performance. With speeds starting at 60 Mbps, your busy life just got easier…!

Super Speed In-Home WIFI

Unleash the full power of Charter Spectrum Internet – share unmatched speeds starting at 60 Mbps across all of your family’s Internet-enabled devices.

  • Superior speed and ranges so you can do more on multiple devices throughout your home
  • 24×7 dedicated technical support
  • If anything happens to your router, Charter will replace it at no cost

*Parental controls help you block access to unwanted websites
by age level, category, and time of day

*Help keep potential identity thieves out of your email inbox

*Installation on up to 10 computers|

*A $60 value included with Charter Spectrum Internet

Download 8 songs in 3 seconds or upload 50 photos in a couple of minutes. With download speeds up to 100 Mbps and upload speeds up to 5 Mbps, Charter Internet Ultra100 gives you the power to reign over the Internet.

Great for:
*Provides the speeds you need to connect multiple wireless enabled devices

*Sharing the Internet with many users

*Download just about anything instantly

*Transferring large files

*Streaming HD movies

*Online multiplayer gaming

High Speed Internet and Cable Providers

*The fastest internet you can get

*Internet plans starting at 60 Mbps – 20X faster than standard DSL**

*Upload Speeds up to 4 Mbps

*Simultaneously stream videos, download music and more without sacrificing Internet performance

*Great for surfing, e-mail, downloading music, uploading photos, streaming videos, watching movies, online gaming and transferring large files

*Automatic detection from viruses, hackers and spam with Charter Security Suite®

*FREE Internet modem

Charter Internet
Charter Internet

from $59.99/mo

for 12 months